Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Welcome to my new Blog!

Now in London, Kensington


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Welcome to more than 6 feet 8 inch of woman! Now in London!

I am the new Brazilian Amazon ("mulherão" means "huge woman", "voluptuous woman", "Amazon")

I live in England, UK.

I can give you the most precious moments of pleasure. I am a gentle giantess if you wish. I have an intense

sensuality and an overwhelming desire to please. I think that my body size has increased my libido beyond

any scale. But I can also be very strict in a way that it is only possible for a strong huge Amazon.

I am extremely strong and I enjoy physically dominating my puny little men. I also wrestle.

I love to destroy guys. You can't stand to be beaten by me any longer? Then I let you hit me.

Hard! Poor guy! Y ou got hurt and I hardly felt a thing. I'm a very hard girl! Nearly invulnerable.

I also do lifting and carrying sessions. You are so light! Be lifted in the heights by a giantess!

MY PROFILE: Brunette, long black hair, grey eyes

Height 6' 8 1/2"

Weight 270+ Pounds

Shoe Size 14 1/2

Bust 49"

Hips 53"

Thighs 33"

New service: Feminization, Cross-dressing and forced feminization.

Yes! I can be your G.F.E for a dating!

Available everyday 24/7 = Booking Now!

Call me: 07405317381 

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